Launching SOON!. Here's a big shout out to all those gardeners out there! If your regular council green bin is full and you need more space then call us and we can dispose of your excess green garden waste for a small fee.

Garden Waste or green waste is the clippings, cuttings, weeds and all the other arisings you generate from working in your garden. It does not include concrete, rock, house hold rubbish, plasterboard, building or construction wastes for example. This service is for all the green fingered garden enthusiasts out there. We will not accept commercial waste. Please see our T&C document for more details of what we will and won't collect.

How does it work?

What a load of rubbish

What goes in?

Green stuff

BIG or Small

Which wheelie will you pick?

Ethical Disposal

Reduce, reuse recycle

Fully Licenced

All present and correct

Low cost

Cheap and cheerful

Let's work together to make our community

a lovely place to live

Give us a call on

01793 251142

Factoid: Did you know that the highways authority can ask you to cut back hedges or trees on your property if they're causing an obstruction in the road. If you refuse, they can go into your property without your permission to do the work themselves. They may charge you for this!

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